I had an acting coach who once said something along the lines of know what you want, say it often, and share it with as many people who will listen. So...while you're here, let me list a couple of people and things that I am manifesting for myself.


  • Ava Duvernay

  • Regina King

  • Radha Blank

  • Lena Waithe

  • Whoopi Goldberg

  • Michaela Coel

  • Jordan Peele

  • John Ridley

  • Katori Hall

  • Akira Armstrong

  • Sean Bankhead

  • Camille A. Brown

  • Collaborate with teams, people, companies that work towards opening doors (elevating, celebrating) Black women and WOC.

  • Collaborate with up-and-coming creatives that explore themes that move me. 

  • Collaborate with Pixar!!! (I'm open to all animation production companies)

  • Participate in a Solange and/or Beyonce Knowles visual piece. (My boiled spaghetti movement game is strong. I'm telling you.)

  • Coleman Domingo and Titus Burgess let's do some projects together then (cough cough) be friends.

  • Work with people who know more than me. 

  • Healthy work environments and teams. 

  • Experience many processes that are lead and predominately filled with women of color!

  • Be on Black Mirror and similar projects (Sci-Fi)

  • Become a regular in the animation world (adult cartoons)

Business Deals



  • Publish at least 1 original play.


  • ANYTHING pertaining to AFROFUTURISM! 

This list is by no means complete. This is just a piece of some preferred possibilities. As I evolve and grow as a person so will my dreams and manifestations. Of course, I won't hold onto anything too tightly because truly God and the universe are taking the wheel. I'm just here for the ride....