• Audio-Visual Album | 2022

    • Whole by The Visioners for Abortion Freedom

    • WHOLE reimagines the conversation on reproductive justice as something more raw, radical, poetic, and centered in Blackness. This audio-visual album is what we need more of–a tender dream for our future made real by a collective of visioners, Black and Brown creatives, and future builders. And we’re all a part of the WHOLE. Check it out in the link below and register for the world premiere! #AbortionFreedom #ourWHOLEfutures


  • First National Commercial | 2021

    • Ripple Milk 

kidjie-11 (1).jpg

**Congratulations to all of the members of the Class of 2021 around the world! We did it! To new beginnings!**


  • Before I Let You Go | In Development

    • A full-length play ​

  • Solo Show | In Development 

    • Currently untitled

  • Web Series | In Development

    • ​Currently untitled​​