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Name Pronunciation

Heyyy! Welcome to a piece of my universe on the Internet! Here is a place that showcases glimmers of me as an artist and human being. This is my digital footprint which will continue to expand and grow alongside me. I’m Kidjie Boyer! 

In the beginning….

I was born and raised in Miami, FL in the 90s to two native-born Haitian entrepreneurs. My first name is inspired by the African singer, Angelique Kidjo and my last name derives from France. I know someone out there is already wondering so I'll just tell you now that I'm a Virgo through and through. I don't know what my rising or moon signs are but just know that the Virgo vibes are strong. Everything that is said about Virgos is probably me.


Growing up I watched tons of movies on VHS and cable (does anyone remember what those things are?) and that's where the desire to act started. From elementary school to high school, I participated in drama and musical theatre, but after a while, I craved artistic work with more depth, expansion, and inclusivity that the Golden Age era of American Musical Theatre could not give me.

Then What?

My world opened up when I got to The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. I was a part of the largest Black acting class The Theatre School has ever had. I became one of the founding members of Black Artists of Today (B.A.T.), The Theatre School's first affinity group for Black identifying students. Soon after I assisted in the creation and maintenance of Take Care DePaul Theatre, which was The Theatre School's first health and wellness campaign initiative. I was a pioneer! I noticed the flaws and needs that impacted my education and tried to answer the Vincentian question of "What Must Be Done?" to help me have a better educational experience while making it beneficial for my peers. Ultimately, my time at DePaul University made me conscious of mental health awareness, ableism, radical self-love, race vs culture, power systems, inclusivity, womanhood, advocacy, Blackness, whiteness, #metoo, classism, Black feminism, gender violence, gender privilege, climate change. I mean folks… I pretty much had an awakening. For once in my life, I was sharing space with people, attending events, and engaging in conversations, that were so nuanced, complex, and not easily digestible. Sounds terrifying, huh? It is! As the late great Frederick Douglass said “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” The way the world is unfolding and threatening marginalized communities requires me to be a conscious artist and not just a puppet. My training has inspired me to move slower, think deeper, and move forward with intentionality and thoughtfulness. 

So Who Is She Now? 

I am a multidisciplinary performance artist. What do I mean exactly? I am an actress trained in theatre, on-camera work, and voiceover. I have experience writing spoken word poetry and short scenes. If the project requires it I can move like a boiled spaghetti to Solange Knowles’s music (really any music...I have rhythm). I can make some laugh, but I do not identify as a comedian. I am constantly expanding, learning new skills, and keeping up with the times. A few qualities any employer, client, or collaborator would surely experience while working with me are my professionalism, open-mindedness, creativity, collaboration, communication skills, and consistency. My current superpowers include honesty, compassion, patience, and curiosity. I am evolving every day and working towards stepping into who I want to become. 


(Past, Present & Future)

Brooklyn Bridge
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